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How to Network to Land a Green Job in 2012, Whether in Colorado-California or in Sales!

How to Network to Land a Green Job
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You’ve probably heard the saying, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” That’s right, as more than half of jobs available never are advertised. This statement especially is true in the green job industry, where a rising number of green positions with potentially higher pay levels means more competition. Having strong connections with people already plugged into the green industry will make your job search process a little easier.

A few tips will make your networking experience fruitful as you seek industry jobs that allow you to help protect the environment and decrease your and others’ ecological footprints.

Do Mini-Interviews with the Bigwigs

Contact officials who lead companies in the sector of the green industry you wish to enter. For instance, call the leader of a solar firm or wind energy firm, and set up a time to speak with him or her in a mini-interview during which you ask questions about the direction of the industry and the possibility of green job opportunities in your chosen area of interest. Your goal should be to forge strong connections with important people in the green industry. This is valuable because these individuals not only can pinpoint current or future green job opportunities for you but also serve as references, thus making you more attractive when you begin applying for jobs.

Talk to Everyone You Meet

Talk to family members and friends about your hopes of landing a green job. If you ride a train into work every day, share your aspirations with a stranger there, or talk about your plans with members at church. You just might come across somebody who knows someone who works in the green jobs industry as an information technology professional or a renewable energy facility employee. If you can get in touch with these green workers, they can give you some tips on how to break into the green industry.

Visit Green Conferences

Green industry conferences are a great way for you to connect with players in the eco-friendly field face-to-face. For instance, you can visit Chicago Ideas Week, which made its debut this year in the Windy City – the home of U.S. Green Technology – and featured several speakers on green technology. In addition, the Indiana Green Expo in January 2012 will provide opportunities to sharpen your green education, learn about new products and network with businesspeople from several states. The more people you connect with, the greater your chance of claiming green job opportunities.

About U.S. Green Technology

U.S. Green Technology was established in January of 2009. U.S. Green Technology‘s mission is to share news and information about the latest advancements in green technologies and green jobs. U.S. Green Technology‘s areas of coverage include providing information on green social media campaigns, changes in green business, spread of the green movement throughout entertainment, green technological invention, new green start-ups, green manufacturing, green building, and green jobs. U.S. Green Technology recently launched a new free business directory for companies to promote their products and services. U.S. Green Technology also offers a green jobs board, powered by Simply Hired, for employers to post green jobs for job seekers interested in careers in the green jobs industries such as clean energy, renewable fuels, information technology, green building and green transportation.

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