Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Renewable Energy Focus Newsletter- Important Info on Solar, PV, CPV, Wind and Geothermal

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Solar electricity
Solar water purification systems donated to Japan
WorldWater & Solar Technologies Inc and Gamesa are donating two solar driven water purification systems, Mobile MaxPure®(MMP), to Japan.... More

Getting the balance right in developing countries
Renewable energy can have wide-ranging social and economic benefits for developing countries, as well as contributing to the climate change agenda. But a balance needs to be struck between public subsidies, the charity sector and private investment.... More

LDK Solar invests in silane gas
LDK Solar Co Ltd has invested US$35 million in a manufacturing line to produce silane gas in its Mahong Plant in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, China, to meet semiconductor, solar and flat panel display demand.... More

Bankable, hub-height wind data
For bankable, hub-height wind data, developers trust Second Wind and Triton. With nearly 2 million hours of wind data collected and more than 95 percent up-time, Triton is the market-leading remote sensing system. Learn more...

Photovoltaics (PV)
Bosch Solar reports 19.6% efficiency for silicon solar cell
Bosch Solar Energy AG has achieved 19.6% efficiency for a large-area passivated emitted and rear cell (PERC), monocrystalline silicon solar cell measuring 156 x 156 mm.... More

Solar Junction reaches 43.5% efficiency for CPV
The developer of high efficiency multi-junction cells for the CPV market said its new world-record efficiency was obtained on a commercial-ready production cell.... More

Screen-printed solar cells reach efficiencies over 20%
Researchers at Fraunhofer ISE have reached efficiencies over 20% for silicon solar cells using screen printing technology.... More

Wind power
REpower to deliver 240 wind turbines to juwi
REpower Systems AG will deliver up to 240 wind turbines to juwi Group under a framework agreement set to run until 2013.... More

GE supplies wind turbines to Polish wind farm
GE will supply three units of its 2.5 MW wind turbine to the Zensko wind farm in Krzecin, Choszczno County in north-western Poland.... More

MPI Adventure wind turbine installation vessel ready
MPI Adventure, a purpose-built jack-up vessel for wind turbine installation, has been completed at the Cosco Qidong Shipyard in China by MPI Offshore Ltd.... More

Wind turbines at landfill site in UK
The UK Waste Recycling Group (WRG) has received planning permission to erect two wind turbines at its closed Carnaby Landfill site, near Bridlington in East Yorkshire.... More

Suzlon launches low to moderate wind site turbine suite
Suzlon is launching a suite of 2 MW wind turbines for moderate to low wind regimes.... More

When do deep drilling geothermal projects make good economic sense?
Deep drilling to exploit geothermal energy involves risks related to engineering, financing and non-discovery. Feasibility studies conducted at an early stage of the project point the way to successful exploitation of geothermal energy. The key task of these studies lies in the systematic disclosure of the risks and opportunities involved in a project,... More

Wave and tidal energy
UK ETI to bring down tidal array costs
The UK Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is searching for organisations and consortia to design and demonstrate low-cost commercial-scale tidal stream energy converter (TEC) arrays....

MCT to build 10 MW tidal array in Wales
Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) and RWE npower renewables have applied for consent to install a 10 MW tidal power array off the North West coast of Anglesey, Wales, in 2015.... More

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Rocky Mountain Green Summit is Coming To Denver!

Come and Join Us

Greening Rocky Mountain Green
Sustainability is at the heart of USGBC Colorado’s mission to transform the built environment. USGBC Colorado strives to minimize the environmental impact of all of its programs and events through a number of strategies. Here is what USGBC Colorado is doing at Rocky Mountain Green 2011 to minimize the environmental impact and engage venue staff, exhibitors, and attendees in greening the conference.

Venue: The Denver Marriott Tech Center has earned the ENERGY STAR® label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its commitments to energy efficiency in hotel operations.

Transportation: Conference attendees are actively encouraged to take mass transit or to carpool to and from Rocky Mountain Green 2011. The Denver Marriott Tech Center is located ¼ mile from a RTD light rail stop, and a carpooling group was set up on eRideShare.com.

Green Exhibitors: All exhibitors are strongly encouraged to support that goal through sustainable procedures and practices of its services and its employees, vendors, and contractors. Exhibitors are asked to consider exhibit construction and material usage, staff training, packing materials, transportation and logistics, printed materials and giveaways, and strategies for minimizing waste as areas where exhibitors can contribute to a more sustainable conference. For more information on greening exhibitions and trade shows, refer to the Greenbuild Mandatory Exhibition Green Guidelines.

April 20-21 Denver, Co

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Green Jobs Listed in Denver-Boulder! Checkout Green Job Spider

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Federal suit challenges Colorado renewable-energy standard

Denver Business Journal
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Two nonprofit groups and a Morrison resident on Monday filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Colorado’s 30 percent renewable energy standard is unconstitutional.

The suit, filed in Denver’s U.S. District Court, claims Colorado’s renewable energy mandate discriminates against other energy resources that are “less costly, less polluting, safer and more reliable” both inside and outside the state. The interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution doesn’t permit a state to impose burdens on the interstate market for electricity, lawsuit backers argue.

The suit says wind energy, in particular, costs more than traditional fuels and creates more pollution because coal or natural gas is needed to generate electricity when the wind doesn’t blow. Colorado voters first passed a renewable energy standard in 2004, calling for 10 percent of the electricity sold by Colorado’s two major investor-owned utilities, Xcel Energy Inc. and Black Hills Energy, to come from renewable resources by 2015.