Thursday, November 8, 2012

Key Words Used in The Renewable Clean Energy Industry

Clean Energy Renewable Energy Solar Wind Bio Fuel Energy Delivery Regulated Utilities (gas, water, electric) solar, hydropower, biomass, wind, geothermal “Title: Managing Consultant - Emerging Technology - Electric Utility, Power and Energy Technologies - OBJECTIVE To gain experience in the renewable energy industry by investigative clean energy development, use, processes, and current regulatory and policy issues while examining these areas within the context of sustainable systems

 RENEWABLE ENERGY PROFESSIONAL Specialist in the field of clean energy markets. Experienced professional adept in grant management, site assessment and market analysis. Proven project management successes spanning multiple focus areas including grant funding, marketing, and project data compilation. Possesses the ability to oversee technical and financial operations and coordinate project objectives. Western Clean Energy Campaign. Developed portfolio of companies with planned renewable energy projects and renewable energy projects under construction for WRA conference, Albuquerque, NM. Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Investment Facilitation, Business Development, Renewable Energy Resource Asessment, Supply Chain and Logistics The Renewable Energy Initiative) on clean energy advocacy. • Gave presentations to ASES chapters on renewable energy education at local level CRES merican Renewable Energy Conference *While at Boreas Group: We work with energy leaders to aggressively strengthen their enterprises and help them make choices that ensure energy reliability, efficiency, and serviceability, as well as improve business performance. We focus on issues across the entire electric and natural gas energy value chain including fuels, generation (renewable, fossil, hydro, nuclear), transmission, energy markets, energy delivery, and consumption (including energy efficiency and demand response). Specific areas of work in the Smart Utilities industry will include: • Smart grid and smart metering technologies • Energy efficiency and demand side management • Utility communications networks • Utility transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure • Utility data analytics • Utility customer engagement strategies • Utility policy and regulatory issues • Energy management systems Develop proposals for energy upgrade business in excess of $4,000,000 per year (20%) Exceeded all internal and external communications goals in support of GEO’s advancement of energy efficiency and renewable, clean energy resources in Colorado. I prefer to specialize in "clean-technology" and "green-future" issues like energy (efficiency & renewables), transportation, land use, waste management, water, environmental justice, etc. Wholesale energy Energy Alternatives Green energy Water conservation Clean energy Clean technologies Home Energy Efficiency while at MHC Industries served included: real estate, home building, technology, manufacturing, renewable energy and minerals Researched clean energy markets regarding solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal technologies and assessed compatibility of products to each industry Worked with clients/prospects who were looking to improving energy efficiency, reduction of carbon footprints and implementation of clean energy projects via retrofits or renewable applications (i.e. solar thermal, wind energy, solar electric systems, commercial lighting retrofits etc.) -- We are seeking a Consultant to join our Energy consulting practice. As members of our team, consultants work with clients involved in a wide range of energy-related activities, particularly in the field of energy efficiency. The consultant will perform a wide range of activities including energy efficiency (EE) and demand side management (DSM) program evaluation Partner with the outside field sales team to prequalify leads; build and promote the value proposition and ROI for the energy efficiency solutions; Reached out to ESCO customers

I started this site to help others with tips in Renewable Energy awareness. Contact me Tradd Duggan, LinkedIn profile. To Network, possible Sales openings or more information. 

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