Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Latin America Report: Brazil's Earth Summit Gathering to Address Key Energy Issues

New Hampshire, USA  The timing couldn't be better as Rio de Janeiro puts the finishing touches on Earth Summit 2012, dubbed "Rio+20" because it marks two decades since the city hosted the inaugural event that was credited with breakthrough agreements.

A lot has changed since that summer gathering in 1992, and, well, a lot remains the same. But the politics of the day — compounded by a sputtering world economy that continues to struggle to regain its footing — is putting these issues into the mainstream. So far, more than 130 heads of state have said they will attend the event from June 20 to 22, which is billed as a summit but will unfold more like a conference.

President Obama, who continues his election-year push amid criticisms over his clean energy policy, has yet to indicate whether he will attend. The conference is broken down with seven topic areas that cover disasters, oceans, water, food, cities, energy and jobs. All of these are pillars of healthy populations, but they are even more critical to the growing economies in Latin America that are increasingly looking to renewable energy as a way to boost power and production.

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