Friday, July 1, 2011

Green Energy Jobs Website Is Finally Here To Help! Where to Find Jobs in Renewable Energy Fields

Finally A Green Jonb Site Here To Help!
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Green Energy Jobs is here to assist you in your search for that perfect position! Whether you are seeking employment in Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy, Solar Energy, Wind, Bio or Power, they can help.

Think there may be a fit for you in Energy?

High Tech and Green Tech Provisions
$11 billion for smart-grid related activities, including work to modernize the electric grid.

$6.3 billion for energy efficiency and conservation grants.

$2.5 billion for energy efficiency and renewable energy research.

$2 billion in grant funding for the manufacturing of advanced batteries systems and components and vehicle batteries that are produced in the United States.

$6 billion for new loan guarantees aimed at standard renewable projects such as wind or solar projects and for electricity transmission projects.

$1 billion for other energy efficiency programs including alternative fuel trucks and buses, transportation charging infrastructure, and smart and energy efficient appliances.

Science and Energy Funding and Incentives
Federal Building Energy Efficiency – $4.5 billion

Fossil Energy Research and Development – $3.4 billion (degree of green depends on projects funded)

Weatherization Assistance Program – $5 billion

National Science Foundation – $3 billion (degree of green depends on projects funded)

Science at the Department of Energy – $2 billion, including $400 million to Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association – $830 million

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