Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Denver-Boulder Area Recruiters & Headhunters, Top Salesman Here To Sell… Resume Included

This Title above relates to many of my friends in the Denver area recently with such a large gap between Sales openings and the large number of Sales people who hope to “to fill” these much desired jobs.

Truth be told, I too am one of these Top Sales Performers looking to fit my background with a solid company where my skills will be utilized to the highest degree. How to do this you might ask?

That’s the million dollar question and why this Site exist for you, feel free to chime in with what’s been working for you, every little bit helps when job searching in a market such as this.

Tips To Help:
*Don't get down, think of the big picture ahead
*Network..Network, than Network again
*Only 10% of jobs found online so look elsewhere
*Start an industry blog, yep it could help
*LinkedIn-This site will be more useful than you could ever imagine
*Join local clubs-orgs
*Call Headhunters and Sales Managers till you get what you want

Contact me, I’m job searching and looking to utilize my skills in an Information Technology or Green Energy position!
My LinkedIn Profile & Resume

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