Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Rocky Mountain Green Summit is Coming To Denver!

Come and Join Us

Greening Rocky Mountain Green
Sustainability is at the heart of USGBC Colorado’s mission to transform the built environment. USGBC Colorado strives to minimize the environmental impact of all of its programs and events through a number of strategies. Here is what USGBC Colorado is doing at Rocky Mountain Green 2011 to minimize the environmental impact and engage venue staff, exhibitors, and attendees in greening the conference.

Venue: The Denver Marriott Tech Center has earned the ENERGY STAR® label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its commitments to energy efficiency in hotel operations.

Transportation: Conference attendees are actively encouraged to take mass transit or to carpool to and from Rocky Mountain Green 2011. The Denver Marriott Tech Center is located ¼ mile from a RTD light rail stop, and a carpooling group was set up on eRideShare.com.

Green Exhibitors: All exhibitors are strongly encouraged to support that goal through sustainable procedures and practices of its services and its employees, vendors, and contractors. Exhibitors are asked to consider exhibit construction and material usage, staff training, packing materials, transportation and logistics, printed materials and giveaways, and strategies for minimizing waste as areas where exhibitors can contribute to a more sustainable conference. For more information on greening exhibitions and trade shows, refer to the Greenbuild Mandatory Exhibition Green Guidelines.

April 20-21 Denver, Co

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